Friday, April 27, 2012

FF: George R. R. Martin is everywhere

You may have noticed this yarn in yesterday's post.
Night Gathers
That is what happens when you take this fiber,
Night Gathers
and spin it into sport/fingering weight singles.
Night Gathers
Fiber: Hello Yarn Fiber Club 2011, BFL/silk, colorway "Night Gathers"
Prepped by splitting each 4 oz bump into four lengthwise pieces
Spun at: 9.25:1, point-of-contact drafting
Stats: 460 yards/8 oz, ranges from fingering to about DK weight
I finished with a fulling wash (hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold)

There is not much to say about this fiber other then yum. And that it is in imminent danger of being balled up, and cast on to start another Clapotis. According to the doctor, I have mild carpal tunnel syndrome, and I should use my hand as little as possible. And here, take these honking massive anti-inflammatory pills for a month - if it's not better, come back and we'll start with the fun tests*. Sadly, I can only manage the balling up part at this point in time. But let me figure out how to knit with my hand in a brace, and I'll be on this so fast it will make your head spin...

* And by fun, I mean So. Very. Not. (nerve conduction recordings and muscle stimulation via electric shocks? Sign me up please!) (Or not, thankyouveryfuckingmuch)


Carroll said...

UGH! You want to avoid those tests. I've had them and they hurt like an SOB. Seriously - do what the doc says.

porpoise said...

Yeah, no kidding. When wikipedia said that patients may experience "some discomfort", my acute reading between the lines translated that to mean effing painful. But it means I may have to sit on my hands though...

aquaphilic said...

acupuncture? is that available to you?

do your best, woman, cause you don't want to get chronically hand-gimpy. really. just weave.

porpoise said...

Acupuncture is available if I trot on over to the physio. At the moment, I'm on horsepills of an anti-inflammatory nature, and waiting to see what happens next. This is going to cut down on my TV watching quite a bit though - I am now constitutionally incapable of not doing something with my hands if the TV is on. Sigh...