Monday, January 11, 2010

There has been spinning...

But the lingering presence of The World's Worst Cold (TM)* has made documentation a bit of a struggle. However, over the weekend I finally managed some photos.

When previously spotted, this fiber looked like this:

Ashland bay merino top?

Now it looks like this:

Handspun laceweight

Handspun laceweight

Mystery top, which I think contains some silk along with maybe merino?
Spun worsted, short forward draw at 9:1, plied at same ratio.
3.1 oz/305 yds of 26-20 wpi yarn after a hot soak (laceweight, although there are some mutant 16 wpi bumps in there).

This stuff was lovely to spin - quick, easy to draft, the perfect mindless spinning for someone who spent far too much brainpower and creative energy on Christmas knitting!

Handspun laceweight

It's already been balled up as well - I'm thinking a lacy little scarf of some kind. This picture is probably the best representation of the color. Plus you can see my MacGyvered ball winder set up. So it waits patiently on the top of the active stash, waiting for inspiration to strike.

* I got the flu twice over the holidays, the first time three days before Christmas, the second time on New Year's Eve. My second bout morphed into TWWC(TM), which is only now starting to resolve. However, I have discovered the wonder that is the Hot Toddy**. And it snowed last week, rendering my presence at work somewhat optional. I'm betting I'm completely well for my scheduled doctor's appointment on Wednesday.

** The version I've been enjoying includes honey, single-malt and the juice of half a lemon, filled up to the top of the mug with hot water. Mmmmmmm...two ibuprofen/paracetamol and a hot toddy = happy sleeping sick Porpoise.


Grace said...

wow! how did THAT fiber turn into THAT yarn?!? amazing. i love the color of the yarn. your spinning's gorgeous. :)

porpoise said...

Thanks! I'm always surpised at how the colors change from top to yarn. In this instance, I think everything just got a lot darker, as is usually the case, and the lighter yellow and white streaks just disappeared. The yellow also made the final yarn much more teal then blue.