Saturday, February 14, 2009

Delayed Fiber Friday: Night Sky

Night Sky

Fiber: Superwash BFL, colorway "Night Sky", Hello Yarn Fiber Club, December 2009
Spun/plied: 10:1, ST folding Lendrum
Yardage/wpi: 245 yds, 2 ply, 9-10 wpi (bulky weight).
Comments: Devil and I sorted through my fiber stash last week to finish taking some pictures for Ravelry, and I actually opened the bag and touched this stuff. It was so soft that I started spinning it that night.

Night Sky

I've found recently that my motivation to do much pre-spin prep has been non-existent. So I split each 4 oz piece of top in half and spun straight from the end. I wanted a lighter yarn (poofy-er that is) then I usually get spinning worsted, so I made a conscious effort to not smooth too much with my front hand. I spun one half from each of the two 4 oz lots I had on to separate bobbins in the hopes that the colors would line up pretty well with a minimum of barberpole.

Night Sky

I only had to splice a couple of times on the second skein, so I'm pretty pleased with it. There's some barberpole, but only with complementary colors, which is what I was looking for.

Night Sky

So now I have three of X spinning projects done that I need to complete before April. I think I'll be getting back to the wheel in a serious way as soon as we get back from London!


Sarah said...

That is beautiful yarn!

aquaphilic said...

i agree - that is absolutely gorgeous yarn. wow.