Monday, November 18, 2013


Because it's always a good plan to start your holiday crafting plans on 18th November, right? Here we go:

We'll start with the fastest first - weaving
one table runner
three wash clothes
set of dish towels
four scarves

Next fastest - crochet
2 scarves
1 cowl

Slowest - knitting
one pair of adult socks
one adult hat
four child hats
one child mittens
one child fingerless mitts
two baby sweaters -- already DONE

Oh dear...


JoAnnaJae said...

No big people sweaters on that list, so you will totally be ok.

Alli said...

You knit fast, you'll be fine! If it were me and that was my list, I'd be totally doomed!

Of course, there's the small matter of that sweater's worth of yarn I still need to spin...

porpoise said...

J - yes, no big people sweaters, and the small people sweaters are already done, so hooray! But still...

A - you'd better get cracking on that sweater spin lady. 5 weeks and counting...;-)