Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some things are just made for each other

Perfect pairing
Like this lovely Romney Ridge Farm yarn in "Cranberry Bog" and entrelac. I've got deadline knitting to do (laceweight, cables, a big boo boo to go back and fix - ugh), but I can't put this down. My other entrelac projects have been terribly fiddley, but worsted weight yarn is so much faster and more satisfying! The plan is to keep going until I run out of yarn, and then do a three-needle bind off to turn this long strip into a cowl. And these colors are going to be the perfect Christmas present for someone.

In other news: I am completely swamped by GLYC organisational stuff/another impending trip/the start of school/general life. So things are going to be a bit sparse on the virtual ground around here for a bit. I'll be Tweeting and updating Ravelry fairly regularly though, so you can always find me there. Ta!

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