Monday, January 14, 2013

Selfish knitting

Once I finished up all the Christmas knitting (on December 27th, but who's judging, right?) I fell headlong into a morass of long-overdue selfish knitting. This is the second of four things that I've knit for myself in the last few weeks, but I'm putting it out here first because the first things I knit for myself, while lovely and much appreciated, are also somewhat boring. There you have it.

Here is my new selfish hat:
Selfish hat

This hat all began when JoAnna pointed me in the direction of Looped Yarn Works in Dupont Circle. I was all hot and bothered to get yarn for my slippers, so I made a break for it while Himself and the girls were buying out Kramerbooks and walked into yarn nirvana. It's a lovely shop, up a set of stairs, with fabulous light and lots and lots of pretties.

I managed to focus long enough to get some Cascade 220 for the clogs,
but then I looked up and saw a basket full of little jewels of yarn. A pile of this yarn, in fact.
I. Was. Smitten. So this particular ball came away with me, and I knew from that moment it was going to be a hat.
Selfish hat
Selfish hat
It's knit from the top down, with a yarn over eyelet pattern that spirals down to the ribbing band. This particular yarn only has 127 yards per ball, so it's not quite as slouchy as I wanted it to be. But's lovely and soft and scrummy, the colors are divine, and it did a good job keeping my head warm yesterday on our 2 hour dog walk along the river.
Selfish hat
However, I do want to see how it looks with a bit more depth to it, so as soon as I get the shop update online tomorrow, and pack up some samples for Fibreholics UK, I'm going to spin up some singles and see if I can't get a version I like better. Stay tuned for pattern...

ETA: If you're interested, I'm offering 10% off any fiber purchase if you can guess the inspiration behind tomorrow's new colorways. Head over to this Ravelry thread and post your guesses!


Alli said...

Fantastic hat - can't wait for the pattern! I agree with you on a touch more slouchiness (but then, I prefer a really slouchy hat). I love the swirly, simplicity of the hat!

porpoise said...

Thanks Alli! I'm hoping to spin up some singles this weekend to play with for this - I suspect 4 oz worth of worsted weight singles is going to be waaaaay more then I need, so more slouch should not be a problem. I'll keep you posted!

aquaphilic said...

ooh, pictures of the hat. i can attest to its scrumptious softness as i nearly stole it from porpoise as i watched her make it. unluckily for me, she insisted on wearing said soft garment, and i was unable to cadge it for travel to the windy city.

i like the idea for more slouchiness, too. nice pics of you, too, blondie.