Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Post-release bliss

I've spent the last week or so working on other people's projects. Which is to say, working on patterns that I didn't write/am not currently writing/am not planning on writing up and publishing. It's been very enjoyable!

I've been doing some spinning...
JUS needs more yarn
I ran out of yarn with one row and ten stitches left in the third chart of Jane's Ubiquitous Shawl, so over the weekend I spun up 8 more ounces, and last night I plied it all (in less then 2 hours - love the miniSpinner for plying!). It's now having a bit of a soak, and it should be dry by tomorrow, so I can motor on with that project.

I've been working on Ruth's Mystery KAL, a pair of gloves in Botany Lace.
KAL gloves in progress
I'm almost done with last week's clue on glove #2, which is good because the last clue was released this morning. I think these are going to end up as a Christmas present.

And I've been cranking along on Boo's Christmas sweater.
Boo's Christmas sweater
Despite all evidence to the contrary, she is not colorblind. She simply wants to look like a green and purple bumblebee. We had a mini-P3 reunion lunch last week, and the general consensus was "Did you talk to her about the color wheel at all??!!!"* and "You should probably do some kind of slip stitch when you change colors..."
Boo's Christmas sweater
The end result is a slip stitch color change row of which I am becoming increasingly enamoured. If I hadn't put a mental moratorium on designing projects** until after the new year, I would be starting a steeked fingering weight cardigan using this switch over. But in some more appealing colors, to be fair...maybe I can just do a bit of swatching?

* The girl is not yet six, but she has pretty definite ideas of what she wants. Color wheel, shmolor wheel. Green and purple it is.
** Note: this does not mean I'm not going to buy yarn for it. Knitpicks doesn't deliver to the UK, but they do deliver to my parents' house! Hello Christmas present to myself.


JoAnnaJae said...

I actually had a conversation with Nate about the girls' sweaters. I explained how hurt I was that you were so down on Boo's color choices, because that's what I would have chosen. He made some quip about me having the color preferences of a five year old. I plan to bring a pink and green outfit to wear in solidarity over Christmas.

porpoise said...

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings! No offense intended, and you can smack my brother and tell him he wishes he had the color sense God gave a five year old (or you, for that matter!). And Boo will be thrilled to have an ally in her fight against monochromatic fashion choices.

To be fair, Dev's original color lineup was waaaaay worse. I managed to talk her down to bright purple. We'll see how she feels about it once it's knit up.

Alli said...

*Asks innocently* - but I thought you already had all the colours of KnitPicks Palette in your stash? *and ducks and runs*

Seriously, it's looking great! And the gloves are looking awesome. Aren't you glad now that I enabled you at SharpWorks? xo