Friday, August 10, 2012

FF: The first of the unfinished TdF yarns

Seasick Corriedale
Et voila! My second spindle-spun Tour de Fleece yarn is finally finished.

Fiber: Corriedale from Hello Yarn, colorway "Seasick"
Spun/plied: on my Wildcraft spindle
Final stats: total yardage is 170 yds/4 oz (680 ypp), ~7-9 wpi, bulky weight.
Comments: I had two bumps of this Corriedale from the Hello Yarn Fiber Club, and when I needed something to take with me to France, one of these seemed like a good bet.
I split the fiber into three different color groups: yellows, browns (with a bit of yellow) and blues (with a bit of yellow). Then I split each piece of top in half lengthwise and spun up two balls of singles to ply together.
HY Seasick Corriedale in progress
I managed to get through the yellow and half of the brown singles before the Tour ended. Over the last couple of weeks, I've spun up the others. And then there was much plying.
Seasick Corriedale
72 yds yellow,
Seasick Corriedale
27 yds brown,
Seasick Corriedale
and 71 yds blue. I have no idea what this yarn will become though, but I like the colors split up like this.
Seasick Corriedale
There's always that other bump to play with I suppose...

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