Monday, September 12, 2011

Who's sweater exactly?

Finally, at long last, I have finished (the knitting on) my Dad's birthday sweater. However, not only is this not the original birthday sweater, it's also not going to go to Dad.

Wave sweater almost done

After my shocking realization that knitting a sweater for my father includes working four feet of sleeves, not including sleeve caps, and the fact that it was a bit closer fitting then I had envisioned, I had to repurpose the whole thing. 'Cause with 1.5 sleeves and an entire body done, there's no way I was going to either trash the thing or rip it back and redo it.

So now it's going to my brother, who only has 21 inches of arm to cover. And who has promised me a photoshoot once he gets it. The plan is to hit publish and go sew in the sleeves. Blocking will commence at 21:00 hours, plus or minus a bit, and it should get into the mail by the end of the week. Hooray for a September sweater!


JoAnnaJae said...

I cannot believe how bad you're making me look. I guarantee you that I am NOT making NLB a sweater anytime soon...

porpoise said...

I don't think you need to worry about me making you look bad! After all, I've known him for 37 years and this is the first sweater that I can recall making him. And it didn't even start out for him! You've got a few years to catch up!

Besides which, I'm pretty sure sisters are exempt from the Sweater Curse. SOs, not so much. ;-)