Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eleven projects for 2011

Insane porpoise is insane. Ehem.

1. Eleven pairs of socks - a la Yarn Harlot, I've pulled out and bagged 11 socks-worth of yarn (making a significant dent in my sock yarn stash, glory be!), and chosen patterns to go with them. I'm only budgeting 11 because a) one pattern is a pair of knee highs and b) ten days of the month of June I'm expecting to be knitting-free.
2. Eleven sweaters, including (not in any particular order)

7. Spin more during the 2011 Tour de Fleece then I did in 2010 (39.4 oz)
8. Get my first full fleece (figuring out what to do with it is 2012's project)
9. Design a shawl
10. Submit a design to Knitty
11. Design a spinning/knitting project for Ennea Collective

OK. Now that it's all down on (virtual) paper, I'll be peering out the window every time the doorbell rings to see if the nice men in white coats have come to take me away. What a completely ludicrous list. However, if you don't aim high, you don't make as spectacular a puddle when you crash land.

What about the rest of you? What are your fibery goals for 2011? Let me know in the comments, and I'll send some lucky random person a goody from my stash (handspun anyone?). Post your comments by midnight CST on January 8th, and I'll draw numbers. Happy New Year everyone!

* I need a little lie down and a stiff drink just contemplating this project. It needs to be done in March. Approximately 2000 yds of yarn in 9 different colors. Fuck me sideways with a chain saw. That is all.


JoAnnaJae said...

Hey! Nate told me that it is way creepier to read his sister's blog and not say anything than it would be if I let you know that you might actually be my fiber crafts hero. I just learned to spin and my goal for the new year is to make something half as beautiful as any of the yarn you spin. Happy New Year!

JoAnna (ravID: ambitious)

Sarah said...

I'll post a comment just in case I could win. I want to learn to spin but haven't started for fear of amassing an even greater stash of fiber goods than I already have.

Sarah said...

I forgot my knitting goals. I don't get much time for knitting these days.

1. finish A's sweater.
2. knit blanket for M's wedding.
3. make hat for niece M.

aquaphilic said...

Ok, ok. I didn't mean to be a lurker.
1. Start & finish a knitting project. Any project. If (when?) I am capable of doing that: knit something else. Because I'm good at the starting...not so good at the latter parts.

Shut up, porpoise, I know this is no surprise to you. It's no surprise to me, either.

Sad they haven't set up the England-Chicago pneumatic tube yet. Where is floo powder when we need it?

porpoise said...

My Mom's comment (via email):

My 2011 goals - per your blog [I'm still not good at replying directly] --

1. to get deeply involved in something rather rather than just skimming the surface.

2. have a 70th party for your Dad and a 'this is your life' album.

3. Get fit for skiing - that means gym at least 4x/week. Some aerobics, strength and yoga.

4. With your Dad, figure out how to live together up here - as opposed to simply living side by side.

5. Creative side -- do more sewing which is my strength -- try to be more creative with clothes, as well as projects like quilts, etc. I'm hoping R will let me make her wedding dress.