Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lions and tigers and cashmere, oh my!

In the midst of plying a bobbin a night, I've been getting some work done on the Knit Love Club May socks.

Halfway through repeat #1:


Halfway through repeat #2:


The leg calls for 2.5 repeats, but I think I might call it good at 2. I didn't swatch and I'm a bit concerned that my gauge is a little too big with the needles I'm using, and I don't want to run out of yarn.

And I must say that, sadly for my budget, I may not ever be able to knit with yarn that does not contain cashmere again. Oh dear!

1 comment:

aquaphilic said...

lovely color and i really would like to touch the socks through the computer. could you arrange that, please?

and, i've got one word for you on the "i'm never going to be able to afford the cashmere stuff" - BARTER!