Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In a rut

I've been looking back at the things I've made for myself over the last couple of years, and I'm sensing a bit of a trend...


Gathered pullover

Top-down summertime tunic

Aleita Shell


Seablue Playmate

I seem to have two requirements for sweaters: blue or v-neck. Hmmmm...that's not to say I don't like v-neck sweaters, but maybe it's time to move on? Both in color and style?

I've been tossing around the idea of spinning some yarn for a sweater. Ok, ok, I realize that I've already done this, but it's more blue yarn. Won't count for breaking out of the rut. So now I'm thinking that this,

Domestic wool for peacoat

instead of becoming the Peacoat, will now become a Vine Yoke Cardigan. OK, so purple is not much of a stretch, but baby steps people, baby steps. It's not a v-neck!

I'm also thinking that this project will have to wait until post-holidays. There's some talk of starting up a monthly spinning group in my area, so I'll spin this stuff there and/or in January. I need ~1200 yds worsted weight. I've got 2 lbs of dyed top, so I think I'll be ok. Now I just need to finish other items in time for Christmas!

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aquaphilic said...

okay - so this is a comment on your jack in the box mittens. did you notice they look like little cathedrals? they remind me a bit of the bundt cake pans that are shaped like chartes or other churches - do you think that if you put your hands in them, they'd come out slightly more glorious with flying buttresses?

maybe i need some coffee. meh.