Friday, September 18, 2009

No, I'm not dead yet

Many apologies for the extended absence of new posts, but life has been a bit crazy of late. For one thing, my kids are now in school, and are completely exhausted/deranged when I pick them up, so computer time is somewhat scarce. And when they finally go to sleep, my only sanity-saving measure is sitting in front of the TV with the wheel or some mindless knitting and zoning out for a while.

You might be wondering why, if my kids are now both in school, I don't just blog merrily away while I'm relaxing at home eating bonbons. And the answer to that is, well, I started working last week.

Only part-time (which I think is going to work out really well), but it's a wee bit draining going back and forth to the end of town, trying to get back in time for tea (or picking Devil up, which occurs just prior to tea). I drop the girls off, hop on the train (I just notice yesterday that the Putney train station has a 4+ parked in a flower bed, in homage to this I suppose), go to Waterloo, get on the Tube, go to work for 5 hours, reverse the trip, pick up Devil, distract her for a while and then pick up Boo and truck everyone home. The last two nights I've voluntarily gone to bed before 11:00, which hasn't happened in 5 months.

Unlike Houston, my commute is much less knitting-friendly. I'm usually standing up, and it's only a 15 min ride on the train and 5 on the Underground, so by the time I've gotten things out, it's time to get off again. So production is certainly going to drop off a wee bit. But I have things to show you, like a finished/blocked Aestlight, an amazing sock book I won in a contest, a new sweater half-way done, and some spinning.

Just as soon as I take the pictures and upload them and write the entries. Hmmmm...maybe by next friday?


carmen said...

Tea? WTH? Isn't THAT fancy...
Since when do we take tea?
It's lunch, dangit.

smooches love, don't go turning all fancy on us. we take too kindly to them kinda shinannigans 'roung these parts.


Carroll said...

The Joy of Socks! That's awesome. Now you will have something to do while you wait for me to catch up on the Cookie A Project. I wound the yarn for Eunice and progressed no further. Yet.

Happy weekend, girlfriend!