Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FO: Manon



Pattern: Manon by Norah Gaughan, in Norah Gaughan Vol 1
Yarn: worsted-weight no-name wool purchased in Florence, then dyed using Jacquard Acid dyes. I had two big skeins of this, and ended up using just over one, so I've got plenty left for something else.
Needles: US 9/ mm
Gauge: 18 st/24 rows = 4 in
Comments/mods: To start off with, I think this is the best sweater I've knit for myself so far. I loved the construction - the peplum gives a lot of visual interest, but the upper body isn't to busy - and the way the pattern fits together. The dyeing worked out incredibly well; there some varigation to the yarn, but it doesn't pool or stripe or do anything terribly funky.

Thankfully, IM took some other shots

I did a number of modifications, so I'll try to remember them all.

1. I knit the fronts and backs together, splitting at the armholes and then finishing each section separately.
2. I left off the daisy chain stitch on the lower seams.
3. I completely ignored the directions for the sleeves and knit them as set-in top down sleeves a la Barbara Walker. Since my arms are somewhat generous for the size of the rest of me, I can avoid having too tight sleeves this way. I did knit the cuffs separately as in the directions and then mattress stitched them on.


Now I have to decide on some kind of closure. I've been wearing it open, which is fine for this time of year in Houston (or the weather last week in Houston, since it was 80 degrees today!), but I suspect I'll need something to keep it shut next winter.


One last self-portrait...ooops!


EliCa said...

Aww and I remember this when it was a massive ball of yarn. Look at it all grown up.

You did good lady, it looks great.

graciechiao said...

it's. so. gorgeous. really. so so very pretty. since you said you have a whole other ball of this yarn, wanna make me one? cause... you know, i know you have the time. ;)

aquaphilic said...

very nice, girly. a suggestion on the "closure for winter" thing. um. long underwear and a big heavy coat... you've been in houston too long, dear.

oh, wait. you're moving to across the pond - not to chicago. more like d.c., eh?

love the sweater - you've got some chops.

Porpoise said...

Excuse me S for my flippant comments about winter! Of course, winter in the UK isn't so cold, but those several hundred year old buildings don't have the best insulation - I think I'll need to invest in some long johns anyway!

Ooooo boy, life is going to be different.