Friday, January 30, 2009

I want those four hours of my life back

If you're considering faking your death on the internet, please us this video as a primer so I can get some more sleep.

I will also add a postscript: going back to the community where you "died" as a sockpuppet but using identifiable aliases/similar email to register your new blog will probably not work out too well for you. Just sayin'...

What, knitting? OK, if you insist. Boo decided (after Devil wore her new socks for 36 hrs straight before I could pry them off her feet and throw them into the machine) that she needed new socks too. So she started pulling yarn out of the cupboard and holding it on her feet. And standing on it. I broke down and started a pair for her out of some Kool-Aid dyed Knitpicks Bare, red and pink, using Grumperina's model for helical stripe socks. They will not be done for the January progress report, but I have a whack-load of spinning to share for that.

Wee teaser: My WHMU(WHSKAL) buddies might want to take note of the spinning posts for the next few months. That is all.


Yvonne said...

Ok, I just about died when that video hit "YAY KNITTING! YAY KNITTING!"

I had forgotten about this thing after getting home last night, but apparently now I need to go sacrifice 4+ hours of my life to this.

Porpoise said...

Oh sweetie...what with the Knittyboard and LSG threads, it's probably going to be an all nighter. I feel for you!

EliCa said...

I for one would like to apologize for the four hours of your life that you lost.

Maybe if you cut caffeine, sugar and sodium and add more exercise to your days, you'll regain them.

Also, not to be petty, but as you know, I have ALWAYS paid attention to ALL your posts. ;P