Friday, December 19, 2008


It's the last friday before Christmas, and I am sitting in the living room of my parents house with a cup of tea and my knitting. The snow is coming down, and Boston is predicted to get anywhere from 8-12 inches. The girls are wired beyond belief, and my goal is to turn this


into a pair of these before we head up to Vermont tomorrow afternoon to go skiing. Life is good.

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EliCa said...

That yarn is beeeyutiful. Please send a bit of snow this way, if you can spare it. I'm glad the girlies are exited, if you feel the need for more girls, let me spare you the whole "birthin' part, I'll send you all 3 of mine. For free even, I'll pay for the shipping. :P

Miss Ya! Merry Christmas!! See ya next year.