Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Large turkeys

In my ongoing quest to attain dye-goddess-hood, I've been scouring local thrift stores and eBay for a crock pot. Actually, what I really wanted was this, but there was no way I was going to pay close to $100 for something to play with (my Yankee-Puritan heart shrivels up a little bit just thinking about it).

Last week I stuck a gold mine. There, on Craigslist, was an 18-qt roaster oven, brand new, never used, for $25. Several emails and a few hours later, I was the proud owner of an important dyeing tool. But the fun really started when I took it home.

Devil helped me unpack the box, and then decided to test out the capacity.

Devil in roaster

Devil in roaster

Devil in roaster

Boo was more interested in chocolate chip cookies, but decided to try it out herself to see what all the fuss was about.

Boo in roaster

I'm not sure it was her thing. Suffice to say, an 18-qt roaster oven will hold either an average size 3.5 year old, a largish 1.5 year old, or as much undyed fiber as you can shake a stick at. Like that merino hiding in the back there,

Yarn school loot

and all that stuff around the speaker on the left there,

Yarn school loot

not to mention the two pounds of Targhee I have sitting around. Whee!


EliCa said...

That's one big turkey cooker!

You will definitely achive dyeing deity status with that. When we build your altar what should we use as offerings(dont say wool).

Molly said...

That's hilarious! Your pictures are great! That is one amazing score!