Tuesday, June 17, 2008

FO: Thar she blows!


Pattern: Fluke by Laurie Lee
Yarn: Trekking XXL, colorway 115, maybe 2/3 of a ball
Needles: US 1.5/2.5 mm
Comments/mods: my first lace sock, and my first top-down pair in quite a while! This pattern was quick and easy, and the lace gave it just enough focus to keep from lagging. It was great fun to knit, Don't think I did any mods at all actually. I like the tweedy yarn with the lace - gives it some interest but doesn't obscure the pattern with a lot of color variation.



In retrospect, I think I screwed up the heel flaps, because they are pretty darn short. The toes too. Next time (?) I'll make sure I make both a bit bigger. This pattern didn't use much of the yarn (more for the blanket!) - hooray for lace! I thoroughly enjoyed these, and I think there will be more lace socks in my future.

Yesterday, after a very good swim (finally!), I discovered that tomorrow is, once again, Silly Sock Day at the girl's daycare. And this time, as opposed to maintaining some semblance of a grip on my sanity as I did last year, I decided to knit Devil some quick anklets for Silly Sock Day. It's a tossup as to whether she'll actually wear them or not, but at least she'll have the option. Plus they kept my hands busy during Jon and Stephen.

Picot anklets

No wonder no one want to sit next to me on the bus - those DPNs look lethal!


Brynne said...

Those socks are gorgeous! Tweed and lace, who knew?

Isn't it amazing how quickly kid socks go? Those are adorable and I'm sure she'll have the best socks there.

aquaphilic said...

did devil wear those socks?

Porpoise said...

Oh hell no! I had three pairs out for her to choose from yesterday morning, and she choose the blue pair (good pick!). But by the time we got to daycare, she wouldn't put them on. We walked in to her class and one of her friends came running up and asked "D, do you have silly socks?" She shook her head as I stood behind her waving the damn things. I stuck them in her cubby but I'm sure she didn't put them on.

In her defence, it was 95+ degrees yesterday - I wouldn't want to wear wool socks either, anklets or no. Maybe she'll wear them Up North next week...