Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wow, you're really fast.

This is what the nice lady sitting next to me on the bus this morning said to me, upon realizing that the project I was working on was not the project I was working on yesterday. Clearly the poor thing is under the impression that I must finish one project before starting another. Poor deluded soul. Yesterday I was wending my way through the interminable size 11.5 socks (thanks for having such freakin' enormous feet Dad!) (Or, as they would say in Boston, wicked big feet), today I was working on the beginnings of Part I of II planned. My only defense is panic. Pure, unadulterated panic. OK, plus some Brad-Pitt-as-Achilles distraction on TMC (boy was that a bad, bad movie).

A brief update on the List:

1. One sweater for a small child - I'm sorry Boo, but you may be wearing your sister's handmedowns this Christmas
2. Bayerische socks - hmmmm...a brief looksee on Ravelry indicates that these take people, on average, 73 months to finish. Perhaps I'd better rethink.
3. Plain stockinette socks - maybe 3 inches left on #2!
4. Zeebee - done except for grafting OK, this thing has been done except for the grafting for two months now. I'm not even sure I know where it is, other then somewhere in the depths of the WIP bin (otherwise known as the TV corner cabinet in the living room)
5. Everlasting bagstopper x 2 - not started Part I started
6. Two sets of Fair Isle alpaca mitts - need to be designed and knitted. Still. We'll see...
7. Endpaper mitts - technically, I've now knit almost two of them, but only one is giftable.

We're at T=-21 days and counting, but technically they all need to be done before we leave for Boston on the 21st. So really only 17 days. Oh shit.

PS - I now know which democratic candidate I'm going to vote for. (link from the Yarn Harlot)


sestaben71 said...

I believe in you and your crazy multi-tasking/knitting abilities. As my sister and I are constantly saying to get through seemingly insurmountable tasks - bird by bird, bird by bird (increasingly shrill mantra voice as you continue chanting).
You just smiled and nodded at the bus lady didn't you? Let her think you're the Bruce Lee of knitting. KAPOWIE! done with another project.

Also, the link with Obama was hilarious. Am very impressed the SS let him be passed the knitting. That blogger is hilarious. I do think we should try that with the GOP candidates - whadda ya think? Here hold my alpaca hat for a sec Mitt...

hee hee hee...
love, s

Porpoise said...

Apparently they don't warn them about crazed knitters in Secret Service school! I feel pretty confident that the GOP candidates are not cool enough to hold knitting for a photo op. Unfortunately, all SS agents have probably been read the riot act about letting "those people with the pointy sticks" anywhere near the candidates, so our window of opportunity may be gone.