Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Massachusetts Yankee in King George's Court

When we moved to Texas almost 5 years ago, I came with an ample truckload of assumptions about what living in Texas was going to be like. For the most part, the stereotypical ideas about everyone wearing cowboy boots, dinner-plate sized belt buckles and diamond oil derrick stick pins have been largely debunked. (Although everyone does say "Y'all". Which is not necessarily purely Texan, but that's how I thought of it). Sure, there are more Texas flags flying then American ones, and each triathlon starts off with a full fledged prayer, but by and large, my fears have not been born out.

But every so often I see something that completely explodes any assumptions I still held about Texas to bits. Like this morning, driving into work. I found myself staring at the bumper of a very large, red, pick'em up truck (an F150 maybe? I don't pay attention to silly things like make of truck). This bumper was more or less at my eye level. And I noticed the bumpersticker affixed to said bumper, which read:

"Vote Wisely: Hitler came to power in a free election"

A somewhat telling sentiment in this day and age of GWB's reign, no?


sestaben71 said...

Thoughtful post, chiquita. There's something exhilarating about having your assumptions shoved right back up where you forget they actually live. There are very few bumper stickers I'd be willing to slap onto mine - that might just be one of them. How soon we forget the controversy around GWB's first presidential election. Free, yes. Fair? Maybe.

Hope you and yours had a great Turkey Day.

Porpoise said...

I saw another good one on Monday, also on a pickup:

My governor is a Jewish Cowboy

It took me several minutes to realize that it was referring to Kinky Friedman, not Jesus.

re: GWB's election. Free, yes. Fair, definitely not, at least not the first time around. So be it.